Urethane barbell set

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Customer Service. In The Spotlight. Shop Our Brands. All Rights Reserved.When purchasing dumbbells, urethane dumbbells are the clear winners when it comes to looks, performance, and longevity. In this article, we compare what we feel are the best urethane dumbbells in the market today and we created a urethane dumbbell comparison chart giving you a quick birds-eye view of what to expect when purchasing them. We have chosen 10 companies that we feel make some of the best urethane dumbbells around.

Urethane dumbbells are more compact, look much nicer and can withstand more punishment than their rubberized counterparts.

urethane barbell set

There are a lot of different dumbbells out there from metal to rubber to select a weight combo dumbbells and finally to urethane dumbbells. Without a dought, urethane dumbbells are legit and that is why so many commercial gyms have them.

They simply can take a beating and still look great. Note: Some of the companies listed below realistically only sell B2B at the commercial price point of dumbbell sets i.

Obviously these companies know their business, but companies like Rogue Fitness have been able to capitalize on the home gym and garage gym market and offer commercial-grade dumbbells to their clients at a much lower and reasonable price point. There certainly is a market and demand and for me personally, I want to use gym-quality commercial equipment regardless if I am at the gym or my home.

One thing I have noticed is most commercial quality dumbbells are pretty hard to find used unless you are buying in bulk. Occationally you will find a deal, but most sellers are wanting top dollar even on the used market. Below is a Comparison Urethane Dumbbell Chart showing all the urethane dumbbells we cover in our review.

The bonus was we got it for a steal of a deal. So I started looking around and it seems urethane dumbbells offer the best overall performance compared to others on the market.

Rubber Hex Dumbbell Sets

The big downfall, of course, is they are wicked expensive. Fixed urethane dumbbells are very popular with most commercial, university and government-run gyms and currently are at the top of the premium dumbbell food chain. The main advantage of using a fixed dumbbell is it almost always comes in a smaller, easier to manage size than an adjustable dumbbell. The main disadvantage, of course, is fixed dumbbells are fixed, meaning if you need lighter or heavier weight you will need to purchase another pair.

Depending on your needs, this can get quite expensive, as you need more and more pairs of dumbbells to workout with.The classic barbell is a gym staple around the world for those looking to bulk up their biceps.

TKO presents a complete line of rubber and urethane coated barbells, available in both straight and curled designs, that are ideal for both commercial fitness facilities and aggressive home gym enthusiasts. The TKO Rubber Straight and Curled Barbells are an economical option built to last with a single piece solid cast and steel head design. These barbells are precision balanced with close tolerances and no moving plates, meaning the heads will not come loose or move during intense strength training sessions.

A rubber coating ensures the heads will not damage flooring or other equipment in the course of everyday use. Every barbell is covered by a 5-year full commercial warranty against breakage. Purchase a full set or one at a time, with options available from 20 lb to lb in 10 lb increments. TKO Rubber Barbells are the perfect addition to any home gym or fitness facility.

Ultra-durable TKO Urethane Straight and Curled Barbells utilize the same world-class construction as the US dumbells and feature a dependable one-piece solid cast and steel head design for accurate weight.

These barbells are precision drilled and bored to ensure close tolerance and are encased in durable hard shore urethane to protect floor surfaces and other equipment. Bar size is 32mm. Each barbell is covered with a 5-year full commercial warranty against breakage.

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Purchase either straight or curled urethane barbells in complete sets that range from 20 lb to lb in 10 lb increments. This is the ultimate solution for commercial fitness facility owners looking to stock their gym with quality barbells. TKO Barbells Overview The classic barbell is a gym staple around the world for those looking to bulk up their biceps. Mobile Site Coming SoonPlus, you can choose between straight or EZ curl bars to best suit your facility's needs.

The fixed weight barbells feature TAG's "Ultrathane" urethane coating that offer outstanding protection for flooring and equipment. Plus, there is little to no odor that can often be associated with rubber coated products.

The barbell rack offers heavy-gauge steel construction with attractive bent oval steel tubing that is protected with a silver metallic powder coat finish.

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It is designed specifically for lb or lb barbell sets. Fixed barbells give your fitness room a wide range of exercise variation for traditional free weight movements, such as squats, lunges, biceps curls, triceps crunches and much more. Plus, with 10 barbells included for each set, it helps gym traffic flow by giving your clients more exercise choices, weights and options to choose from.

This fixed gym barbell set is designed to handle tough workout settings, such as school weight rooms, college fitness facilities, wellness centers, military gyms and commercial fitness centers. Recent Posts. Advantages of Weight Stack Machines You'd be hard-pressed to find a reputable gym that doesn't …. If you're looking to get into better shape, then there's a good chance you spend a lot of your worko …. Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best.

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urethane barbell set

Review Subject Required. Comments Required. Current Stock:. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. Frequently bought together:. Select all Add selected to cart. Additional Information Grade:.The Single Urethane Group Barbell Set has color-coded, easy-grip, urethane plates that protect floors and minimize noise.

Frew. Ordered my Single Urethane Group Set yesterday and it arrived today!

The Rogue Ohio Bar - How It's Made

The 54" bar is exactly what I wanted to supplement my home gym equipment and the plates look like "pieces of art" that makes it even more fun to work out. Thanks, Perform Better, for having such great products and such great customer service. This is the perfect bar for Body Pump classes! The bar is just the right size and weight and has grips for your hands.

The quality is good and it's easy to change weights quickly in between sets. I just wish they sold extra weight plates for this bar. I bought two 10 lb PB weight plates but they are for an Olympic bar so they cant be used on this 1"bar alone. I'm able to add them to the bar wedged between the other plates though. They are just not as secure. I wish I could post some photos of the bar.

The one posted here on the website doesn't show much detail. I am a group fitness instructor and needed to keep my workouts going, so I upgraded my old used metal weight bar and weights to this set and what a difference it makes! I looked at many different options, including some high priced sets Very impressed with the quality--this set is going to get a lot of use!

Ideal for Body Pump. With the pandemic requiring me to workout from home I was looking for a weight set that I could use for the body pump classes on Les Mills On Demand.

The weight set arrived faster than anticipated and was exactly what I was looking for. No complaints here. I had been hunting for a bar to use w Les Mills app but nothing has been available. This one is even better than I could ever hope for. Not only do the weights and bar look so cool with the black and red, they are super nice too. I think I might cancel my gym membership because this is amazing and time saving to be able to do from home.

You will not regret this purchase! I ordered it from Utah and it got to me in a week. Customer service was great in answering all my questions.

Oh and you CAN order extra plates for this set, you just need to call or email to place your order. Best purchase I have ever made I am like a little kid at Christmas.

Urethane Coated Dumbbells

Love my bar!! I called and spoke to Duncan who took my order and was very helpful! I placed my order on a Friday and it arrived the following Friday! Thank you for the great customer service and bar! I bought this set recently and was super impressed with the quality. Service and speed from the company were great. This was the perfect set of barbells for me.Call Toll-Free They offer an affordable alternative to urethane dumbbells, which are more costly.

The Rubber Hex Dumbell has many advantages and some disadvantages as compared to other types of dumbbells. Due to the Hexagon shape of the Rubber Hex Dumbbell, many exercises can be performed using this type of dumbbell that cannot be easily performed with a round rubber dumbbell.

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Hex Dumbbells generally have a contoured handle which helps when doing movements such as dumbbell bench press and dumbbell shoulder presses. The heads of the hex dumbells are generally larger than that of round dumbells. The contoured handle takes some stress off the wrists when the heads of the dumbells are making contact with the caps of the shoulders or chest during pressing movements. There are also disadvantages of the hex shape.

Heavy dumbbells that have the hex shape cannot be simply rolled on the floor to return them to the rack. The hex shape has corners of course that inhibit rolling the dumbbells.

Nexgard 50-100 lbs

Another disadvantage of the shape is that the corners can become chipped or rounded over time with dropping or if placing the dumbbells on a dumbbell rack that does not have a rubber lining. There are numerous ways to make rubber dumbbells and various levels of quality in construction and materials. Vulcan Rubber dumbells are made from high-quality rubber compounds and cast iron or steel heads, and steel handles.

Dumbbell heads are attached using a proprietary method that ensures the dumbbell head will not come off. One might think that all rubber dumbbells are the same and when shopping for rubber dumbells the customer should simply find the cheapest option.

Some dumbbells are made using fillers such as concrete or sand to cut manufacturing costs. Cheaper rubber compounds that give off stronger than usual rubber smells are also often used to cut manufacturing costs in order to bring a product to the consumer that is cheaper. The outward appearance of high-quality dumbbell and a low-quality dumbbell can be identical. Unfortunately, the durability of the lower costing option can be very questionable. Will the "heads" of your rubber dumbbells come off or rattle?

I bought some dumbbells from another company and the heads are starting to come off after only one year. Vulcan uses a proprietary method of mating the head of the dumbbell to the handle. Our method permanently bonds the head to the handle in a way that makes it virtually impossible for it to loosen or depart.

Will the rubber grip surface on your Pro Hex dumbells loosen or come off over time?Dumbbells are a type of free weight used in weight training. They may be used individually or in pairs, and range in size from 1 pound to over pounds in 2. Dumbbells are designed to be lifted with one hand, as opposed to barbells, which are longer and meant to be lifted with both hands.

urethane barbell set

Dumbbells fall into three categories: adjustable -- with screw-on weight plates, selectorized -- with a dial for increasing or reducing weight before it is picked up off the floor -- and fixed-weight.

Fixed-weight dumbbells are made from plastic, steel, iron, urethane or rubber 1. Urethane dumbbells may have a steel core coated in urethane, or a steel core where just the ends are coated in urethane.

Urethane is highly durable, impact resistant and shock absorbing. In addition, urethane has a higher tear strength than rubber, so urethane dumbbells will generally come with a longer warranty period compared to rubber ones 1. Urethane does not have an odor -- like rubber, and has a non-tacky, smooth feel 1. Urethane is a man-made compound.

Rubber dumbbells are similar to urethane ones in that they may be completely encased in rubber, or just the ends may be coated in rubber 1. Rubber, or rubber latex, may be natural -- made from the sap of trees -- or produced synthetically.

Rubber is flexible, stretchy, and waterproof. The UV rays of the sun can damage rubber weights. Additionally, people who are allergic to latex should not use natural rubber products.

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Rubber has a distinct odor. Prices for urethane weights vary depending on brand and weights purchased. Similarly, rubber weight costs vary depending upon brand and weights purchased.

urethane barbell set

Both urethane and rubber have their own benefits, but people who are sensitive to smells or have a latex allergy should avoid rubber 1. While urethane dumbbells cost more than rubber dumbbells, urethane dumbbells have a longer warranty 1. Test dumbbells before you make a purchase to make certain the style is best for you.

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